Pepin Industries Ltd- SINCE 1958

Pepin Industries Ltd. has been in business for over half a century specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of paint for private and industrial purposes.

Our plant, situated in Cowansville, Quebec, has an experienced team dedicated to the development and creation of the most reliable and efficient products for all your resurfacing needs.

While respecting the conformity regulations, our products are created to satisfy your every need, resulting in constant research and development.

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Here at Pepin Industries, you can rest assured that we are prepared to face any challenge presented to us.

Our strength consists in the ability, flexibility and quickness in supplying the volume and the colors for the products that you require along with the best lead times offered on the market today.


A pioneer in the development of paints with low volatile organic compounds, Pepin Industries continues to strive in reducing the impact of its products on the environment.

And because protecting our society is not only an environmental issue, Pepin Industries is committed to strengthen its social, economic and environmental actions in the context of a concrete and sustainable development approach.


By 2018, we hope to distribute our products throughout North America while respecting our local services and the flexibility we currently offer.

To offer superior coatings tailored to individual requirements in North America while conforming to today’s environmental standards.


For many years, Pepin Industries has been committed to acting responsibly in its activities and assist the company, its employees and the environment. Recently, our company wanted to formalize and consolidate all of its actions in a sustainable development plan that will serve as a guideline to assess progress made and what remains to be done.