STX (low in VOC) Polyurethane intermix color base system are available in a wide variety of standard colors and metallic colors.  The fast drying time makes it suitable for application on large surfaces previously coated with Synguard epoxy primer.

The flexibility offered by the STX intermix system allows a consistency in the colors to be reproduced without requiring conventional industries dyes.  The STX system also has a high quality finish with very high gloss and durability (resistant to ultra violet rays).

The different bases of the system can be delivered in the amount needed.

Pepin industries can also develop and deliver any specific colors in the amount needed to complete your jobs.

* VOC <340g / l

With Synguard epoxy primer

Synthane polyurethane coatings are to be catalyzed with our urethane catalyst at a 1/1 ratio and require no additional dilution.

Spray on any surface that was previously coated with Synguard epoxy primer; this system will provide your polyurethane with an excellent quality and an exceptional finish.