Over the years, Pepin Industries has developed several specialties products. These products were developed for specific applications and are available in a wide variety of colors and volume needed to complete your job. For any other information do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives.

Pepin hammertone enamel paint

Pepin hammertone enamel paint is a metallized alkyd coating that can be applied (DTM) direct-to-metal that requires the hammertone effect. The fast drying time and high resistance to sag make it ideal to be applied by spray application.  Pepin hammertone enamel paint can be developed to your color specifications and volumes needed to complete your jobs.

Pepin hamertone enamel can be applied directly to a wide variety of properly prepared metals. Using a urethane catalyst will significantly elevate the coatings durability and speed up the drying time.

For porous or uneven surfaces, Pepin alkyd primer is the perfect complement to Pepin hammertone enamel paint. Pepin alkyd primer is available in standard colors or can be developed to meet your specifications.

High Temperature Paint

Pepin High temperature paints have high-temperature elastic properties; this allows it to have a protective film at the different temperatures that an automobile radiator can be subject to.

Acrylic based coatings for use on tires.

Pepin Playground markers

Pepin playground markers are a latex based paint used for soil marking applications on naturel or synthetic fields. It is available in standard white and the volume need to complete your jobs.

Pepin wood marking paint

Pepin wood marking paints are latex based and have been used for many years in the wood marking applications. These paints are available in standard color or can be developed to your color specification and volume needed to complete your jobs.

Security marking paint

Pepin security marking paint is available in different type of coatings depending on the type of material and performance needed for your job. These products are available in standard colors, including fluorescent colors and the volume needed to complete you jobs.

Pepin polyurethane primers

Pepin polyurethane primer is a fast drying two component system which allows for quicker sandblasting and re-coating time compared to our regular epoxy primers.

Pepin steel structure primers

Pepin steel structure primers are alkyd based, which dries fast and allows for temporary protection on metal surfaces.

Thermosetting alkyd paints

Pepin industries thermosetting alkyd paints can be prepared in the colors and the volume needed for your jobs.

Pepin architectural paint

Pepin architectural paints have a full range of indoor and outdoor applications, available in multiple finishes and colors with the volume needed to complete your jobs.