Pepin fast drying enamels are alkyd based coatings that can be applied directly to metal surfaces that require high performance protective coatings.

The fast drying properties and high resistance to sag, makes this product ideal for high viscosity spray application.

Pepin fast drying enamel are available in standard colors. Glossy, semi-gloss or satin finishes can be produced in the volume and colors needed to complete your jobs.

Pepin fast drying enamel

Pepin fast drying enamel can be applied on the majority of well-prepared metal surfaces alone or in combination with an urethane catalyst which improves the gloss, durability and drying time.

Pepin alkyd primers

When you have porous or uneven surfaces that require a protective layer, Pepin alkyd primers is the perfect complement to Pepin fast drying enamel. Pepin alkyd primers are available in standard colors or can be developed to your specification.