About us

Since 1958, three generations of the Pépin family have succeeded at the head of Pepin Industries.

It was Armand Pepin who initiated the activities of the company after working for 30 years in the field of painting as a chemist. In 1960, he began the construction of the plant just outside of Cowansville, Quebec.

From aluminum to latex paints, the company’s activities began to expand in the region thus creating a local reference for the purchase of high quality coating.

In 1981, Paul, son of Armand Pepin, took over the business using the knowledge and expertise passed on by his father. The numbers of products increase forcing the facilities to expand to its current capacity.

With the arrival of David, son of Paul, at the head of the company, Pepin Industries explores new markets with industrial paints. Thanks to the efforts made to develop the research and development centre, Pepin Industries becomes a key player from industrial manufacturing sectors to occupy the current dominant position.

Pepin Industries’ vast activities, initially located in the Brome-Missisquoi region, continue to grow over the years and even now beyond the borders of Quebec and Canada.