The PEPIN brand includes different types of coatings.


Pepin epoxy primer is a two component paint system with a wide variety of characteristics that makes it ideal for complex geometric surfaces.

The quick drying time allows you to re-coat, with the different finishes offered by Pepin Industries, in a short period of time.

Peinture Pépin

The anti-sag, anti-corrosive, physical and chemical resistance properties make the Pepin epoxy primer ideal for spraying structures that require a thick layer from a high performance protective primer.


Pepin fast drying enamels are alkyd based coatings that can be applied directly to metal surfaces that require high performance protective coatings.

The fast drying properties and high resistance to sag, makes this product ideal for high viscosity spray application.

Pepin fast drying enamel are available in standard colors. High gloss, semi-gloss or satin finishes can be achieved in the volume and colors needed to complete your jobs.


When you have porous or uneven surfaces that require a protective layer, Pepin alkyd primers are the perfect complement to Pepin fast drying enamel. Pepin alkyd primers are available in standard colors or can be developed to your specification.


The alkyd primers from the MetalForce brand is the ideal complement to the Pepin enamel paints for the porous or uneven surface that requires a protective layer. The MetalForce alkyd primers are available in standard colors or can be developed according to your specification.

Architectural paints

Pepin architectural paints have a full range of indoor and outdoor applications, available in multiple finishes and colors with the volume needed to complete your jobs.


Pepin Industries offers a complete range of solvents to go along with its products, according to the specifications in the technical data of each products. In addition, many of our solvents can be used to clean your equipment.

For any information please refer to the product data sheet or do not hesitate to contact one our representatives.


Swimming pool paint


Pepin acrylic coating is a latex based paint used for swimming pools and can be applied by roller. It is available in standard colors or can be tinted in the color of your choice at the required volume needed to complete your job.


Pepin chlorinated rubber swimming pool paint is an alkyd based paint which physical-chemical properties makes it ideal for swimming pools and applicable with roller or brush. This product is available in a wide variety of colors and the quantity needed to complete your job.

Products with specific applications

  • High temperature paint
  • Hammertone enamel paint
  • Playground marking paint
  • Wood marking paint
  • Security marking paint
  • Structure primers
  • Thermosetting alkyd paint
  • and many more !